Tofu- Do you love it or do you hate it?

Before I became a vegetarian I never even had a thought about tofu, so when I tried my first piece it was a bit of a surprise, also known as, ick! However, after mastering a few techniques to make it actually edible, it has become another delicious variety of ‘faux-meat’ for me. 

What about you, is tofu the bane of your existence or does it play the leading role in your culinary expertise? 


Vegetarian Shepherds Pie <3 

nomnomnom! This is my absoloute favorite dish in the entire world!! I made the recipe up, and its in demand at home all of the time, its just sooo friggen delicious! 

If anyone would like the recipe just message/comment me, I assure you, you’ll love it! 




*Ehm* I’m so excited to track my journey of being a vegetarian on here, I can’t even contain myself. So as the story goes, I became a vegetarian on a whim. It was like any other night, the stars were out, the crickets cricketing, the laptop burning my legs, ect ect. approximatly 2:30 in the AM, on May 30th 2010. I was cruising the internet, like the usual when I, for some unexplained reason, decided to research animal testing. Well I just so happened got linked to Peta’s website, and seen all that there was to be seen. Including the ‘meet your meat’ videos. (If you haven’t watched those yet, do it. Now.) It was extremely disturbing yet extremely eye-opening. I closed the computer and said to my tired groggly self.. ‘self, you’re going to be a vegetarian from now on’. Yup and thats how it went, I woke up the next morning and told my mom. (Who might I add, was a little skeptical if I could stick to it or not.. ha! Showed you mom!) And ever since that dark day on May 30th, I have been a non-meat-eating-fool. AND I LOVE IT. 

So, what about the rest of you all, who I’m sure are non-existent at the moment considering I just put this blog up, but if you are reading this, and you’re a vegetarian, re-blog this and share your experiences  :) 

OR if you happen to be one of those meat-eating-fools, maybe you could share your views on vegetarianism, and why or why not you would become one! But please be friendly, I have feelings too :)