Would you like a ‘Deer Leg Lamp’ with your Sofa?

The other day me and my mom were shopping in Save On Foods, laa dee daa, buying some fruits and veggies, a little bit of faux meat, maybe some salted crackers, all that normal stuff. We finished paying for our goodies, and headed on out. We took a pit-stop at the “message board” I suppose you could call it, (It seems I’m stuck in Animal Crossing mode) and took a gander at all of the posters and flyers. 

I literally gagged when I came across this one particular advertisment….a ‘Deer Leg Lamp’. A lamp. Made from deer legs. It was so disgusting, I got these mad shivers all down my body, it was like something you would see in a horror movie. You know when they show the crazy guys house, and they have all of these morbid things like eyeballs in the fridge.. yeah, it was that bad.

And then it got even worse. From the same seller, there was a “Deer-Owl” ….. what? They took a deer’s butt and contorted it to look like an owl. Yup, just like something you’d see in a crazy guy’s house. 

After I got over the shock of how morbidly disgusting the whole thing was, I took off all of the posters, crumpled them, and threw them in the garbage.  

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